What Fireplace Blowers System Can Do, Reviews, Trend & Guide 2018

This post can help you find the best fireplace blower for your wood stove top if you so desire to get one today!

fireplace blowers review and buying guide

It is that winter season of the year where every nukes and cranny in your home seems to emit cold while you sort for warmth around your fireplace due to lack of even circulation of the heat within your surrounding when fireplace blowers system are available on the market.

You may have been running your wood burning place for sometimes now but still it seems no fireplace is in your house and you think of replacing your old unit with a new one.  Well getting a new wood burning stove isn’t the solution while not try placing a fireplace blower first near your wood burner if the heat will not be force to circulate through out your home atmosphere.

let me tell you something, a few years back, I was once a victim of this situation when I have to run other electrical heating system just to complement my wood burning fireplace. This significantly double up my electricity bills until I was able to seek advise online through consumers who happened to have face the same situation with their fireplace. However, I was told to get a fireplace blower unit to assist in moving the heat from my wood burning system to other part of my home . I did as told and behold my home becomes an abode of warmth each time I run my fireplace system along side with my blower. After benefiting from this as a blogger, I decided to put up this post to help as many out there that need help.

What is a fireplace blower?

Fireplace blowers also known as fireplace fans are device designed to help circulate the heat provided by a wood stove burner system so that the heat distribute evenly across your living room.  How can this be achieved? Simply place the fireplace blower on the wood burning system and leave it, as the fireplace produce heat, it will start rotating moving the heat all over your home.

Benefits of fireplace blowers System?

The beautiful things about these fireplace blowers, they don’t use electricity as they work by the heat from the fireplace and this will help you reduce your monthly tariff that you are supposed to pay on electric powered heating system.  Wood fire blowers require little maintenance; only cleaning and dusty the blades and also adding a few oil to the spinning shaft is enough for you to keep using your unit.

Is there any drawback of fireplace blowers?

As for fireplace blower or heat powered stove fan, can’t work except they are been powered by heat from a fire wood place burner.

They are generally hot when working and so should not be touch as they can cause you burn and also, for parents with little kids, fireplace fans that are not protected can be dangerous to them.

Reviews of Top 3 Best Fireplace Blowers

1. Wood Stove Heat Powered Fan – Powerful 5 Blades Fireplace Fan

Wood Stove Heat Powered Fan – Powerful 5 Blades Fireplace Fan

This heat fireplace blower uses no electricity for its working mechanism making it cost efficient when it comes to electricity bills.  The wood stove fan features 5 blades which it uses to pull the heat throughout your house.

One basic thing to know about this heat powered fan is the hotter your fire, the faster the blade spins and the more warm air that will circulate your home. Its built-in fire stokes indicator will alerts you to know when to stoke the fire so as to keep the fan speed constant. Say good bye to noisy electric heating system fans when you invest on this heat powered fan as it runs quietly.

Optimal Features

  • Whisper quietly.
  • Save money on monthly electricity bills.
  • It features built-in fire stoking indicator that let you know when to stoke the fire to keep the fan working on high speed.
  • Low maintenance, by dusting it once you notice a trace of dust or dirt is the only task required.

Wood Stove Heat Powered Fan – Powerful 5 Blades Fireplace Fan

If you eventually purchase this unit as your choice of best fireplace blower, ensure to place it on top of the wood stove near the back as you can see on the image.

2. Kenley Fan For Wood Log Coal Burner 2017 Model

Kenley Fan For Wood Log Coal Burner 2017 Model

This 2017 model is the newest version of the Kenley heat fan and it has been upgraded to pull more heat air compare to the previous model with its 4 blades fan.

This unit required no electricity or battery support, fully powered by heat only.

The Kenley top fan for wood fireplace is Eco friendly as it uses less heat to start spinning and also runs quietly as there are no motor that can creates noise in this unit.

However, be informed that the higher your wood stove heat, the better spinning to expect from this fan. Also, for maintenance consideration, the manufacturer designed the blades with anodized aluminum, a material which nullify rusty or decay law.

With a weight of 2.1 pound and handle located at the top of the fan, you can transport this unit without bulky load. This unit is worth having if you really want warm air to be distributed all over your space with less heat power and also with little or no noise production during working hours.

3. Valiant FIR361 Premium Heat Powered Stove FanValiant FIR361 Premium 4 Heat Powered Stove Fan, Satin Black

The Valiant heat fan comes in compact and study designed which will have good balanced on top of your wood burning stove as you planned to spread warm air around. The premium heat support fan comes in satin black color and feature 4 blades just like previous fans reviewed above.

With a temperature as low as 122 degree, the Valiant FIR361 can still move making it different from the other units. You can unrivalled the performance yourself only if you can make the premium heat powered fireplace blower yours as it pushes a huge amount of air at the rate of 350 ft. per minute.

We advised you to purchase this item as this fan as it works with lower temperature of 122 degree.

How does heat powered fan work?

Since wood stove don’t use battery or electricity, they are able to work by the heat release by the wood stove and as this happens, the heat is conducted through the base of the fan and later converted to electricity which then propel the fan to start working.

How much does it cost to get one?

Fireplace fans are inexpensive to acquire. Typically, wood stove fan or fireplace blower’s prices start as low as $20 and above but with a budget of $50 you can get a good heat powered fan.