How to Clean a Humidifier Tips and Guide

If you owe a humidifier then this discussion on how to clean a humidifier is for you. Remember dirty humidifiers are dwelling environment for water-based germs, bacteria and molds survival and this can be harmful to health when all of these live inside your humidifier. So if you want your humidifier to last you for years and for optimal performance, learn how to make this possible here.

How to Clean a Humidifier Tips and Guide

For your home to glow with warmth and comfort, then you should have a humidifier occupying an important spot in your bedroom and living room. Why? A humidifier is an electrical appliance that adds humidity into the atmosphere of your home. It works on different operating mechanisms that contribute to add moisture or mist in the air.

So when it is winter or summer, you can rest easy, having no fear of the discomforts of dry air or the health risks that is associated with inhaling such air.  The health risk can include any or all of the following:

  • Sinusitis: an inflammation of the sinuses in your nasal cavity.
  • Constant dehydration of your body fluids.
  • Cold, catarrh and flu
  • Increased Asthmatic attacks
  • Dry and irritated skin, skin rash, eczema etc. can be exacerbated by dry weather.
  • Static electric shocks from clothes, metal and wooden surfaces
  • Nosebleeds, sore throats, chapped or cracked lips
  • Allergic reactions, especially to dust in extreme dry weather
  • Cold palms and frost bite in winter period.
  • Furniture and wall paints are not left out as dry weather cause them to peel easily, while your chairs and tables can begin to wear off earlier than expected.

Having a humidifier in your baby’s nursery is more care than you can imagine. It helps your baby to breathe and sleep easy as well as prevent some of the above health conditions from attacking him.

So what are the benefits of owning a humidifier can afford you? They include but are not limited to the following.

  • Humidifier helps improve sleep apnea conditions, if you suffer from the sleep condition where normal breathing process is disrupted, getting a humidifier will help ease the condition. The mist it produces helps to moisten your nasal passage and the warmth soothes so that your respiratory system can function uninterrupted.
  • Humidifier aids you to sleep easily and comfortable.
  • It helps reduce the depletion of moisture from your body system
  • It protects your skin against dryness, irritation and cracks
  • It moistens the air so that allergies and symptoms of dry conditions (catarrh, hay fever etc.) don’t get to you.
  • There is a general feeling of warmth, bonding and comfort in your homes. And in offices, a suitable environment and healthy employees would have a positive effect on productivity.

There are different brands of humidifier to choose from, they include:

  • Ultrasonic products and brands
  • Honeywell brands
  • Crane drop humidifier brands
  • JZK-mini portable humidifier
  • TaoTronic brands
  • SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier
  • PureGuardian brands
  • Bionaire brands
  • Holmes Warm Mist Filter-Free Humidifier for Small Rooms
  • Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier
  • BONECO brands
  • Vornado brands
  • AIRCAREbrands
  • Avalon brands

The above humidifier comes in different brands depending on the purpose of use and operating mechanism, there is therefore an array of choices for you. However, without proper maintenance, the purpose of a humidifier may be defeated.

There is a risk of breathing in contaminated air eroded with bacteria and molds. This is because water in your tank when not in use is stagnated; and the mineral deposit found in undiluted water allows a suitable environment for them to grow if proper maintenance is not applied.

This article will delve further into proper maintenance procedure of your humidifier so that you can have the best experience with your humidifier, as well as increase its longevity.

Best Practices for Keeping Your Humidifier Clean   

Although there are differentiation in brands but most humidifier generally comes with an operating unit and a water tank. The basic items you need for the cleaning include: bleach, white vinegar, water, towels, a soft-bristle brush, hand gears (to protect your hands from cleaning chemicals) and goggles for eye protection. These items are easy simple household items so you don’t need to spend much in acquiring them. With this items ready, the next steps should involve:

  1. Unplug the humidifier from electricity if plugged in to avoid shocks
  2. Remove the water tank and throw away any extra water
  3. Disassemble removable parts and keep differently so you can easily reassemble. Be careful though, not to tamper with parts that should remain fixed except by an approved technician. E.g. filters
  4. Put white vinegar into a large bucket and use to wash area of the humidifier that usually comes in contact with water. You can as well soak small removable parts in the water mixture for half an hour. Your bristle brush will be effective here in washing tiny holes and space your sponge can’t get to.
  5. Fill the water tank halfway with a bleach-water solution or hydrogen peroxide solution (1tps bleach to 1gallon water), shake and allow the mixture to stay in for like 30 minutes. Use the sponge to wash inside and outside of it later on.
  6. For filter humidifiers, the filter can easily be washed with sponge and brush along with the other removable parts or over a running tap.
  7. Rinse out tank and removable parts thoroughly with clean water. Shake well to remove remainders of water.
  8. Lay out the parts to air-dry on top the towels, the towel essentially absorbs lingering odors.
  9. Reassemble the parts once it is dried out and refill the water tanks with treated or diluted water that contains little or no mineral contents. Unfortunately, most tap waters have mineral deposits in them.

Other additional regular maintenance tips include the following:

  • It is advisable to carry out thorough cleaning procedures as outline above at least once a week. This is to ensure healthy air intake all week-long.
  • Endeavor to pour out the water from the previous day and rinse the tank before refilling. It is not necessary to start cleaning with disinfectant, but endeavor to refill with clean and mineral-free water.
  • Always use distilled water. Avoid tap water because of mineral contents that can contaminate the air or create white particles that settle on your furniture.
  • When the winter periods are over and you feel there is no more need for a humidifier, make sure to clean, dry out and assemble your humidifier before carefully putting it away in an airy and dry place.

The benefit of proper maintenance of our appliances cannot be over emphasized. Not only does it aid healthy living, it helps to prolong the life span of our appliance and give us the value of our money. This article has therefore succeeded in giving you easy steps and practices to maintain such feet.