5 Best Humidifier For Whole House Reviews Consumer Reports

When you sort for ways to restore low humidity to optimal level of 30 to 50% RH level for better living, think about getting a humidifier.  A humidifier provides the fastest ways to add moisture into home air. The moisture a humidifier released either warm or cool mist has lots of benefits.

For instance, cool mist air ease breathing process, prevents your skin from drying out. Also helps protect the integrity of home belongings and building.

For you to enjoy the benefits of a humidifier, you need to install one in your home. However, when it comes to choosing the best humidifier that meets a particular house space or room coverage demand, many choices are available. In order to make buying process bottleneck free, here are major considerations for you to check out for:

  • What type of humidifier do you need? Is it a bypass or furnace type?
  • What is your home coverage size?
  • Will it be able to humidify your space adequately up to 45 percent faster?
  • How much water can it evaporates it 24hrs.
  • Do you need a manually adjusted humidity or digital unit?
  • What level of maintenance required?
  • Does it comes with safety features such as automatic-shut off function or filter check /replacement indicator?
  • Is it back-up with manufacturer warranty?
  • Can it be installed by Do-It-Yourself individual (DIY) or do you need an expert help?

The Best Humidifier for Whole House and Homes Reviews

1. AIRCARE MA0800 Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The Best Humidifier for Whole House and Office - Reviews and Guides

The MA0800 console unit from the Aircare Company features a digital humidistat. This feature helps to detect the amount of humidity needed in your space and help you auto adjust the level for the best indoor comfort.  More so, for the best home coverage space, the AIRCARE MA0800 Evaporative is designed for homes measuring up to 3600 square feet.

This unit is equipped with three speed fans such as low, moderate and high which you can select to meet your humidity need at a precise time. For night sleep mode, you can select the low fan speed setting as appropriate for this need. And if you are looking for a console whole house humidifier that can last you for long hour use. Consider the AIRCARE MA0800 Digital unit as it manufactured to run for up to 36 hours of moisture provision.

The automatic shut off function equipped in the AIRCARE Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier is another feature to look out for as it turns off each time there is low water output thereby saving you energy bills instead of running continuously without water. When you purchase this unit, you will need no installation cost. Only thing required is for you to follow the manual guide on how to start using the machine.

Below are some of the outstanding features that make this unit as one of the best humidifier among consumers.


  • It’s ideal for homes of about 3,600 sq. ft.
  • 3 speed fan to choose from (high, moderate and low).
  • Enjoy auto humidity regulation.
  • It is equipped with filter check and water refill indicator.
  • Quick refill of water reservoir.
  • Peace of mind using your unit as it features empty tank shut off functioning.
  • Not installation requires as console humidifier system but only little assembly required.

2. Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier

Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier

The Aprilaire 700 is another good and great performing humidity adding machine to consider if you are living in a larger house.  It is designed to power large space up to 4,200 square feet there by eliminating your need of getting smaller units for different section of your home. The Aprilaire 700 Humidifier delivers up to 50 more moisture compare to competitive units and as a digital system, the unit will help you maintain the right amount of humidity required in your space so your home doesn’t get too humid.

The Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier works more efficiently in tightly constructed buildings and so you should endeavor to close any vent or air leakages that may hinder its performance. Compare to other competitive brands, this humidity device is less expensive for both low and high income earners to afford and yet features most needful features required in a humidifier such as automatic humidity and temperature sensor.

You will also enjoy low maintenance cost. As a furnace humidifier system after the normal installation you only need scheduled check up and maintenance as you run the unit.

But there is something, you need to know about this device. It needs to be connected to a furnace system which required installation.  If you have a little knowledge about do it yourself installation that will be great but if you can’t, you need to call an expert for assistance.


  • Low price and high result oriented.
  • It is suitable for big house of up to 4200 square feet in size.
  • It’s an easy to use digital humidifier system.
  • It comes with instruction manual for easy installation.
  • Features both indoor and outdoor temperature humidity sensor.
  • Faster humidity provision.

3. Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

This Vornado Evap40 humidifier uses a signature vortex circulation as a humidifying means making it ideal to cover up large space but for homes with spaced not exceeding 1000 square feet. This device will help you achieve faster humidity level up to 45% within short duration and also helps you control moisture level being released using its automatic humidity control setting.

The whole room Evap40 4-Gallon Humidifier comes to you with three fan speed level. High speed fan is recommended for large space or for fast room humidification,  medium for normal running while low is ideal for night time which seems to run more quietly for improve sleeping time.

Operating this device is very easy, just by turning the Knob button to MAX or MIN humidification level; the machine will continue to deliver moisture until desire level is reached.

One major reason why most people prefer the Evap40 is because of its size and nature that allows you to use it anywhere you want. As a console unit, you can use it to humidify more than one room by simply carrying it to the particular room you want the humidity and it is best to place it on a table top while in your sitting room for best moisture circulation. You should ensure not to place it around tight corners if you want proper circulation of moisture.

This Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier is one of the best humidifier to consider when it comes to avoidance of water linkage or spill proof, easy tank refill and maintenance needs.


  • It is back up with 5 year limited warranty.
  • 24 hours run time from a 4 gallon tank capacity.
  • Automatic shut off for safety of your device.
  • It has 3 humidity delivery speeds to choose from.
  • It’s a perfect choice for large bedrooms or spaces.
  • Consumers like it because it’s very easy to operate and clean.
  • It does not require installation before use.

4. AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier, Espresso

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier, Espresso

Not all humidifiers meet all home coverage needs. If you are looking for a whole house unit for a living space of up to 2,400 square feet then consider checking the AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital humidifier as an ideal unit.

As a digital unit, it helps you to achieve desired level of humidity needed by you without even you regulating it by yourself. The digital humidistat does this by auto sensing indoor moisture and then adjusts it to maintain adequate humidity at home.

A whole lot of humidity delivery level actualization is available on this it from 9 speed settings which you will unveil when you order for this AIRCARE EP9 Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier. The different speed performance level is stated on the operational manual that comes along side with this device to choose the best humidity speed output level at a particular time.

While you run your humidifier, you can view all of your settings such as actual humidity level, desired humidity level, fan speed etc directly on the display read out to know if your device is actually meeting your needs.


  • Up to 60 hours of run time powering space up to 2,400 sq. ft.
  • Pedestal style and so can be mounted directly on the floor.
  • It features variable speed settings up to 9 available on this unit for your need.
  • Its automatic shut off ensures the unit safety by turning it off when there is water shortage or desired humidity is attained which saves you energy cost.
  • It comes with caster wheels for easy transporting.
  • All settings can be view on its display panel.
  • Filter check and replacement indicator.
  • Low cost of maintenance but filters needs to be replace when due.

5. Aprilaire 600M Whole-House Humidifier with Manual Control

Aprilaire 600M Whole-House Humidifier with Manual Control

This Aprilaire 600M is for those in need of bypass humidifier to install in their house. This unit is one of the best bypass humidifier available on the market as of now you can rely on to supply moisture up to 45% faster while regulating indoor humidity with its digital humidistat.

This bypass unit is suitable for big houses with larger spaces up to 4,000 square feet dispersing more than 50% moisture compare to competitive units while exhausting up to 0.70 gallon of water per hour for quick home humidification.

One unique feature available in this 600M model. It come with built-in bypass damper. This means fewer parts to installed compare to other units that required almost all parts needs to be assembly. The bypass damper is also labeled for both winter and summer settings which allow you to set it for the whole of the season involved without guess work.

And if you are a do-it yourself kind of person, installing this device will save you humidifier installation cost. But it’s advisable to seek for expert to help you with the installation to avoid breaking any parts of the unit. The aprilaire 600 installation manual provides step by step on how to start mounting this unit and how to use it.

This device should not be installed in tight areas that lack air-flow and also should not be located in too humid corners.

Why should you purchase the aprilaire 600 model?

Bypass humidifiers after installation require less check up and maintenance. Since the unit is directly connected to your home water supplying system, no worries of empty tank which many do face with the console types of humidifiers.

If you ever purchase this, ensure to change the filter when due but this depends on how often you run it.  For those that will run it more frequently. Filters should be replace after three months while others who will not usee their unit that much should change the filter after 6 months.


However, whole house humidifier still remains the best kinds of humidifiers that will save you a whole lot of stress when it comes to humidifier maintenance and also cost of buying different single room unit as one whole house unit can power an entire home.

With the above humidifier reviews, we hope you can choose the best humidifier today. But before, you leave this page, consider checking our furnace humidifier system guide and also top rated-humidifiers for a wide shopping scope.  You can also visit our cool mist humidifier benefits to learn more about types of humidifiers here.