Best Furnace Humidifier Reviews, Definition, Functionality And Comparison

My Takes on Furnace Humidifier Buy Discussion, Top 5 Reviews and Faqs

Are you in need of a furnace humidifier or you want to know more about furnace humidifiers? My list on best furnace humidifier reviews and purchasing guide is available for you. Other aspects on how to choose the best humidifier to install on your furnace system also discussed.

Humidifiers are electrical home appliance that adds moisture or humidity to the air. They are useful for keeping the dry air that occurs in winter months moist. This FURNACE HUMIDIFIER REVIEWS. DEFINITION, FUNCTIONALITY AND COMPARISMinvariably improves general health conditions. Furnace humidifiers is one of the categories of humidifiers and are designed to run alongside the HVAC unit. As such, they needs to be installed on the ventilation duct-work close of a furnace system. Therefore, this type of humidifiers can only operate when the furnace is running. Unlike stand-alone humidifiers, the furnace model can be use to power a whole house humidity supply add moisture. It is not limited and proves as a great advantage when you have a larger home.

Remarkably, recent models are being improved upon to regulate and adjust humidity levels through the addition of a superior humidistat. Also, now in updated technology means the recent furnace humidifiers are much safer and cost less to maintain.

Furthermore, here are some of the benefits a furnace humidifier can offer you, they include:

  • Cost effective, less stressful and effective way of humidifying the home completely.
  • Because it is built into the HVAC unit of your home, you don’t need to buy a humidifier for every room.
  • Saves you the stress and time of having to fill and refill tanks as it connected to the home water supply system.
  • Require less checkup and maintenance.
Derivable Benefits of Using A Humidifier
Derivable Benefits of Using A Humidifier
  • Humidifiers are best for easing sinusitis, blocked nasal passage, asthma or other allergies. These are respiratory conditions you can easily prevent, manage or control.
  • Dry, patched or crack skin is no longer a problem. The moisture released keeps your skin hydrated and younger looking every day. Others include bloody noses, dry mouth, itchy eyes and sore throat.
  • Humidifiers also protect your furniture.
  • The wood and paint are prone to peal or crack when the air is too dry, but a humidifier curbs such degradation.
  • Humidifiers help curb static electrical shocks caused by the friction created between two surfaces. e.g. Between your cloths, paper and appliance.
  • They are good for babies and children. To prevent crankiness and discomfort for them.
 From the foregoing, you can conclude that if your home is missing a furnace whole house humidifier then you are missing a vital home appliance. From the health benefits down to your home protection, the use cannot be over emphasized. 

Reviews of Some Best Furnace Humidifier Brands

1. Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier


The Aprilaire 700 is built to cover large homes of up to 4,200 square feet in tightly constructed homes. It is trusted to deliver up to 50 percent more moisture than other competitively priced units.

This products comes with automatic digital control feature to help regulate moisture level. You can also use the manual mode to set humidity and temperature level. Another good thing about this whole house humidifier is that it requires simple annual maintenance procedure.

Other features Include, outdoor sensor, water pad, 110V to 24V transformer, and built-in bypass damper. Also, this unit features a water feed rate of 3.0 GPH and thus evaporate .75 Gallons per hour.

2. Aprilaire 500 Humidifier For Whole House Digital Control

Aprilaire 500 Humidifier For Whole House Digital Control

The Aprilaire 500 is a lesser version of the Aprilaire 700. It is designed to cover up to 3000 square feet, unlike the 700 version that covers more.

The unit has a water feed rate of 3.o gallon/hour that can deliver upto .5 gallons/hour. Its features include: automatic digital control, water panel, outdoor temperature sensor, water pad, 110V to 24V transformer and in-built bypass damper. The measurement of the Unit is 15.62″ wide x 13″tall and 10.25″ deep; Plenum opening size is 9.5″.

Invariably, the only difference from the Aprilaire 700 is the coverage are it humidifies. It is therefore an excellent choice if you don’t have very large homes.

3. Honeywell Whole House Powered Humidifier

Honeywell HE360A Whole House Powered Humidifier

This is an easy to use and install furnace humidity device ideal for homes of up to 4,200 square feet. It is one of the best choice to consider when it comes to variable speed and multi-stage system settings. It allows you the ability to choose either warm air supply or return air duct of any forced-air furnace.

One thing to love about this honeywell product, the Flow-through design helps to keep the unit clean and free from mold growth and therefore decreases high maintenance cost. It also eradicates the stress of filling and re-filling. In addition, it does not consume much water compare to competitive products.

Finally, this product from honeywell brand compact designs allows easy mounting for quick installation.

4. Honeywell TrueEASE Fan Powered Humidifier

Honeywell HE300A1005 TrueEASE Fan Powered Humidifier

The Honeywell HE300A1005 is an energy efficient product and offers option to choose between the hot or cold water units. It works by blowing air through a wet pad thereby releasing evaporative mist into the air and It is also easy to install. An because it is a flow through humidifier, it flushes minerals from the humidifier pad. This process helps keep the pad clean and mold free.

In addition, it operates without producing noise so you can have a quiet environment while enjoying the moisture being disperse into air.

Furthermore, the inlet valve cycles on and off at about 50% duty cycle which is purported to cut water usage by 50% in comparison with other competing models.

Also, features HumidiPRO Digital Humidity Control to help regulate the amount of moisture in the air. This product is ideal for house measuring 2700 square feet.

5. GeneralAire 1000A Humidifier

GeneralAire 1000A Humidifier, 120V

The GeneralAire boast of a digital humidistat for automatic humidity control. And also equipped with an outdoor sensor for temperature control and also helps calculates amount of dew as the weathers fluctuates. This is an important feature especially when you are in an environment where temperature conditions changes easily.

More so, this unit from the GeneralAire company is made from durable ultra-violet stable grade automotive grade plastics. However, it is designed to power homes of up to 30000 square feet.

Although it comes with automatic digital humidistat, it also allows manual regulation of humidity level. This is one unit to consider for those looking for a flow system that uses either running hot or cold water.

6. Honeywell furnace humidifier


The Honeywell furnace humidifier is very easy to install. It comes with installation kits with an easy to find instructional videos online made by Honeywell. It is cost effective, requires low maintenance and is simple to operate.

The Honeywell furnace covers up to 3000 square feet and suitable for large homes. It can be mounted on supply or return plenum and requires access to a return duct and drain for its functionality. The bypass carries air from the supply, through the humidifier to the return. One health benefits, it comes with a filter which purifies the water before it is dispersed into the air as mist.

This is also another furnace unit with a humidistat that allows you set the humidity level, and also air pressure switch that senses if the blower is running in your furnace. However, it does not come with an outdoor sensor settings. So, to prevent ice buildup on window panes, you would have to set the humidity lower when it’s colder outside.

6. Honeywell furnace humidifier

Honeywell HE260A Higher Capacity Whole House Bypass Humidifier

The Honeywell HE260A is a Bypass flow-through humidifier that is very easy to install and comes with DVD for the instructions. The installation kit is however sold separately from the product. It is easy to mount on either warm air supply or return duct of any forced air. It adequately humidifies homes of up to 4,000 square feet. It uses replaceable filters. The filters aids in sifting out particles from the water before it is dispersed into the air in your home. It has a digital humidistat to give you control over humidity level setting.

The Different Types of Furnace Humidifier Based on Functional Mechanism

Drum humidifier

These are placed on the cold air return line while a drum of water is put in place. The motor of the humidifier draws out cold water from this drum and forces it into the system. The water then evaporates and turns into mist which is pushed through the HVAC system into the air of your home. The drum humidifier is less expensive and easy to install. But one disadvantage is that you have to frequently clean and refill the water drum to avoid the growth of mold.

Flow humidifier

They are installed on the return or supply line and uses evaporation to operate. However they do not require water drum, instead water and air runs through a filter to force the mist out. Because of the absence of drum, they need to be connected to a water line.

Mist/Steam Humidifier

They are more expensive but very effective and require limited maintenance. It produces steam instead of mist to humidify your air. It also comes in hot or cold water model to choose from. Like the flow humidifier, it needs to be connected to a water supply line because it doesn’t use a drum.

Ultrasonic humidifier

This type uses a transducer to create mist. When water passes over the transducer, it vibrates causing charge-up of the water molecules and as such they break into many smaller droplets. These droplets flow through the HVAC system into your home’s air as mist. They are less commonly used because they are expensive and produce white dust particles that settle on furniture or surfaces of other home decoration.

Console humidifier

The console humidifier also comes in models that can be used for single rooms. Others are installed as a window or wall unit air conditioner. It uses a tank of water attached to the unit to produce mist. The problem with this is that it requires high maintenance in cleaning and refilling the tank to avoid mold growth. Also they need to be set up in open spaces to inhibit the growth of mold.

Features of Furnace Humidifier As Whole House Humidifiers

Apart from the just discussed types of furnace humidifier, there is a need for you to know the basic and important features to look out if you want to make a choice you can proud of. Below are the primary features to consider when making a choice of furnace humidifier:

  • Maintenance Level: Try to examine the maintenance level and requirement of the brand of furnace humidifier. Those that come with filters and drum require high maintenance. So if you are not ready for the stress, they are other non-water, non- filter humidifier you can choose from.
  • Ease of Use: Simplicity is important when making a decision on which brand to buy. Majority of the brands in the market are looking to designing models that are easy to use and install.
  • Square Feet Covered: This is also an important feature to look out for based on the square meter size of your home. A lesser coverage humidifier might not fully humidify your home.

So, with all that has been said so far, you can be positive that you are armed with needed information on what and why a furnace humidifier. This article will now move on to examine some brands of furnace humidifier; our aim is to make it easier and cause you to be confident on whatever purchase and brand you choose.

FAQS About Furnace Humidifiers

What is furnace humidifier installation cost?

Humidifier for furnace required installation and this installation can be done by oneself only if you know a bit of DIY tech-knowledge. Otherwise, you need to hire a professional to install it for you and this will require installation cost.

What are furnace humidifier pros and cons?

Furnace humidifier have the capacity to humidify a whole house and they usually require less maintenance compare to most ultrasonic or console units. Since these humidifiers are installed on a furnace they uses water directly from your home plumbing system which eliminate the need of refilling water yourself.

However, the major drawback is that they require installation and cost may be involved if done by an expert. And also humidifiers that attached to furnace do use filters and this needs to replacement​ within​ 3 to 6 months depending on usage.

how much does a furnace humidifier cost?

Humidifier for furnace cost varies and this depends most especially on the features you want to be in your hvac humidifier system. However​, you should able to see prices ranging from a $150 upward to get a powerful home coverage capacity furnace humidifier for a whole.

How to clean home furnace humidifier?

They only require seasonal maintenance and to achieve this, remove all necessary parts and the use a solution of vinegar to clean property. Filters should also be cleaned or change often if needs be.

Final thoughts

Dry air affects you and everyone around you. It can lead to catarrh, sinusitis, dry skin, allergic reaction, static shock, de-hydration and the like for you and entire household. But these problem can be checkmate with the use of a humidifier. However, having to buy one humidifier for all rooms may not be cost effective or budget supportive. This is the furnace humidifier comes in, giving you the power to humidify the whole house.

So far, this article has been able to take you through the world of furnace humidifier. And a review of some of furnace humidifier brands was discussed. What is left is for you to click and make a purchase fast! Health is wealth.