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If you are looking for dehumidifier, we’ve our 5 best dehumidifier reviews here provided regarding consumer reports . This guide will further show you basic information to picking the best dehumidifier for a whole house or single room.

Better still, you can also look through our individual post for whole house unit or basement dehumidifiers discussion to choose accordingly

A dehumidifier is a household equipment use in reducing the amount of humidity level present in the air in order to gain comfort or for wellness sake. It may also be for the sake of getting rid of musty odors that’s usually created by moistened surrounding. While you will find the comprehensive benefits of a dehumidifier here, dehumidifiers are not only made for home use, there are also large dehumidifiers designed for commercial buildings like the ice rinks places where humidity level is discovered to be high.

Reviews Of Our Top Pick Best Dehumidifier For Homes

1. Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 Dehumidifier


Best Dehumidifier Reviews and Buying Guide Consumers Reports 2017

For those who want to dehumidify a whole house, you can consider the FFAD7033R1 as one of the ideal unit for removing moisture. It’s design to remove up to 70 Pints of moisture while working for up to 24 hours nonstop.  This unit will saves you lots of money as it’s operate with low temperature degrees saving energy.

With its digital controls and read out makes things easier operating this Frigidaire dehumidifier. Other features of the dehumidifier include 24 hours ON/OFF timer, control lock, and a standard volt electrical outlet. Another unique feature is the automatic fan shut off that stops the machine for working when bucket or humidity level has dropped in your air. It has a product dimension of 11.6 x 15 x 24.4 inches.

This units runs with minimal noise making it a good products for night hour de-humidification as you sleep. You can learn more about this item by reading customer reviews or order for it on Amazon website.

2. Keystone 70 Pt. Dehumidifier

Keystone 70 Pt. Dehumidifier

The 70 Pints unit is from the Keyston brand, one of the known names in appliance manufacturing.  This dehumidifier can remove 70 pints of water from home air per day in room measuring up to 4,500 sq. ft.  just like the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 model. With easy to use features, you can get rid of unwanted humidity. For instance, its auto-restart features saves settings when there is power outage by turning it on once power is restores.

The Keystone unit comes with electronics controls for easy use, LED display which allow you view settings on how humidity is being removed and also features a 24 hour timer. On purchase of this product, you have three settings to choose from; Normal, Turbo and the auto-defrost option.

Other unique features are full buck and clean filter alert, automatic shut-off and water tank with water level indicator. It also features a continuous draining and a standard gardening hose option but hose not included. Its four caster wheels enable its mobility so that you can use it for multi-rooms. However, this dehumidifier features a dimension of 11.2 x 15.5 x 23.2 inches. If you think of buying this item or finding consumers reports on this item, you click here to find more on Amazon.

3. Keystone KSTAD50B 50 Pints Dehumidifier

Keystone KSTAD50B Energy Star Dehumidifier

This is a standalone unit designed to be use in room measuring up to 3,000 square ft removing humid air preventing molds and musty odor in your building. With its Energy Star rating, the unit consumes less energy while saving you energy bills cost.  In addition, the Energy Star Dehumidifier withdraws 50 pints moisture from the air in 24 hours while you can choose from 3 settings option such as Normal, Turbo and Automatic Defrost.

The removable filter and filter alert indicators makes cleaning of filter a less work and also, caster wheels for moving it. Just like the previous Keystone 70 Pt. Dehumidifier, this model also has optional continuous draining outlet should in case you want the water to be drained directly outdoor but you have to purchased hose separately. This item weighs 36 pounds and has dimension: 10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2 inches.

For other available features and users reviews about the 50 Pints Keystone dehumidifier click here to find out now!

4. Ivation IVADM45 Powerful Mid-Size Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM45 Powerful Mid-Size

This dehumidifier comes with a dimension of 8.6 x 7 x 13.8 inches suitable room space of 2,200 square feet helping you eliminate moistness from your indoor environment.  With its automatic humidistat you can set humidity range. For instance, you set your humidity from 40 – 80 percent, so whenever relative humidity increases beyond 80%, the units automatically turn-on and also when humidity falls below 40%, it automatically turn off as well ensuring you have right indoor humidity that promotes comfort.

With a removable tank makes emptying of water hustle-less and also, you can programmed it to turn off once reservoir capacity is reached. The indicator light will also prompt you to empty the water tank. This unit does not feature continuous drained outlets for those will need such feature. Consider this instead otherwise find the Ivation IVADM45 a right choice.

5. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Dehumidifier

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

This is a small room dehumidifier and works effectively in room of 1100 square feet while whispering quietly to withdraw moisture, thanks to the Whisper Technology.  And its small size makes it an ideal choice for closest, bathrooms and R.V.S.

The energy rated unit consumes less electricity while saving lots of bucks. The automatic shut-down function turns off the unit when moisture gets to the brim of the reservoir.  This unit is just so perfect to be mounted on your tabletop or desk and its light weight design makes it easy to flip up and carry.

For more details such as customer reviews or purchase, click this link and help yourself out otherwise read more product reviews below.


6. Ivation IVADM35  Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

The 4.45 pounds unit with a dimension of 6.8 x 8.5 x 14 inches is a compact unit. It comes in light weight design which let you carry it anywhere you want it in your home to start removing moisture not needed by you. Though it is a medium size unit but bigger in power to draw out extreme wetness from rooms of about 2,200 square footage.

The portable dehumidifier operates quietly because it has no moveable part that can create noise as it works. It comes with auto-shut off option that turns the machine off when water collection reaches the reservoir peak. The reservoir is also removable which allow you empty water without much struggle. The light indicator also reminds you to empty the tanks.

In addition, the Ivation IVADM35 is energy efficient, so no worry of increased electric tariff bills when you purchase the Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier.

Consumer’s reports regarding this Ivation IVADM35 moisture extraction machine is available on Amazon for further consideration of this item.

Basics to Purchasing The Best Dehumidifier

It will be disappointing if you finally buy that dehumidifier that can’t remove moisture from your space as expected. That will just be a waste of money as you will need to shop for another unit. So it is better you pay attention once and for all acquiring the necessary info’s before making a move on that proposed dehumidifier. Here are the conclusive things to know if you think you want the best:

Why Should You Hurt For a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier do relieves people from host of allergy. Remember molds, mildew and dust mite thrives in favorable humidity level. Even the United State Academy for allergy, asthma and immunology warns that indoor humidity level should be kept from 30 to 50 percent in order to subdue indoor allergens. Too much humidity can damage the component of your building such as your wooden floor, support beams and others.

A dehumidifier system won’t only prevent allergy symptoms and structural damage but will add up to your air cooling unit. Because dry air feels cooler, running dehumidifier will eliminate money that is supposed to be spent on cooling bills.

What Space Do I Want To Dehumidify?

Too small dehumidifier is not good for large space. So endeavor to select the right size of dehumidifier for the space you want to dehumidify. And also over running it just to gets the job done will increase your energy bills. However, choose a unit that is equivalent to the space to dehumidify by calculating the square footage which is usually represented in Pints.

You should also know that dehumidifiers are able to remove certain amount moisture from air per hour. For instance, a 70 pints unit is made to removes up to 70 pints of air in 24 hours (2.92 pints moisture removal per hour) likewise 50 pints is 50 pints of moisture withdrawal per day (2.08 moisture per hour).  This is also applicable to other pints range.

Consider the Chart below on According to Dampness and Coverage area to dehumidify
Dampness of space area 500

Square Feet


Square Feet


Square Feet


Square Feet


Square Feet

Moderate 10 Pints 14 Pints 18 Pints 22 Pints 26 Pints
Very Damp 12 Pints 17 Pints 22 Pints 27 Pints 32 Pints
Wet 14 Pints 20 Pints 26 Pints 32 Pints 38 Pints
Extremely Wet 16 Pints 23 Pints 30 Pints 37 Pints 44 Pints

The table above shows the conditions of areas you will like to dehumidify and the coverage area in square feet. For example you want to remove humidity from space of 500 square of Moderate Damp, you will need 10 pints dehumidifier, for Very Damp area you need 12 pints, for Wet Area, 14 pints is needed and for Extremely Wet 16 Pints dehumidifier is appropriate.

Here is the keyword definition on the table guide above to understanding the basis:

  1. Moderate Dampness: Living space feels damps and characterized by musty smells in humid weather.
  2. Very Damp: Feels damp always and characterized by musty odor. You can see dampness spots showing up on your walls and floors.
  3. Wet: Home feels damp and project wets smells. You begin to see walls or your floors sweating or emitting dampness.
  4. Extremely Wet: Signs include wet floor, laundry drying and extremely load condition.

What’s Your Indoor Humidity Level and Temperature?

To an extent, where a dehumidifier is place affect its operation, like the degree of temperature and humidity level in such area.  If you are looking forward to mount the dehumidifier in places characterized by low temperature such as crawl space, basement or in a garage. You need to be certain that your dehumidifier unit is efficiently working even at low temperatures. If not the coils of your machine may freeze up due to build up of ice.

However, if there is need to remove dampness in areas with too high humidity, you will need a high capacity Pints dehumidifier that can dehumidify high moisture content.  The large types dehumidifier unit installed in Hi-E Dry line are consider okay for commercial uses. Otherwise choose dehumidifiers for specific location like basement dehumidifiers, crawl space dehumidifiers and those consider good for indoor spa and pools areas.

How Will I Disposed Collected Water?

Here you need to put into consideration on how you will eliminate the water that has been collected by your dehumidifier. These days most dehumidifiers comes with buckets where the water settles which needs to be empty. Some usually shut-off when the water collector is filled with the help of their automatic shut-off function. Others are designed with hose system that helps convey the water directly into a drain system or outdoors. However you should able to decide which the best unit for your house specification.

Will I Need Any Special Features?

As there different models dehumidifiers, so do they vary in features that makes one different from the other. The question is up to you to decide the features expected in your unit. For instance, some products come with a ducting option which, this allows multiple spaces dehumidification at the same time. This feature allows you to place the dehumidifier in strategic location or separate room as you dehumidify another section of your home.

Other notable features are:

  • Caster wheels for easy transporting.
  • Digital controls.
  • Automatic humidistat.
  • Automatic Shut-off.
  • Remote controls
  • Digital timers
  • Condensation pumps.