The Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews – Consumers Reports Buying Guide

For the sake of humidifying a whole house, we are going to be looking on how to get what people often The Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews – Consumers Reportscalled it best whole house humidifier but wonder if there is any particular  BEST unit as every brands claim to have the best products. This is what we are going to unveil soon in the course of this article. In addition, guidelines to choosing the right humidifier in terms of their features, pros and cons and at the same time share you consumers reports on the various items to be discussed where necessary. If you truly want to buy a humidifier that can serve your home moisture without really haven’t to spend much, reading this post can be helpful achieving this thought of yours.

Without much deliberation, let’s get the ball rolling as time is crucial in our daily life.

A humidifier is man made device engineered to raise indoor humidity level being it digital or manual model. And because too low or too high humidity level is not good for your health, humidity experts calls for every user of a humidifier is to maintain indoor humidity level between 30 to 45 percent. Some studies conclude that up to 60℅ is still reasonable. Any deviation below or above can be dangerous to both human and home properties. However, optimal moisture level should be maintained in as much you want to humidify your home air.

The bottom line you want to add humidity to your home, to do this, you need the right humidifier.

For those living in a larger apartment, getting a whole house humidifier should be your target as this helps save cost of buying separate table top units that are only efficient in single room humidification. We could help you find the best whole house humidifier if you want a machine that will work best for your needs as this post objectively centralized on humidifier system for a whole house.

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Check out the top lists of our whole humidifier reviews below and other things to consider in the choosing best humidifier as a whole.

By definition,

What is a whole house humidifier?

We shop for various indoor equipment’s such as your chairs, nice floor rogue, television, home theater and others just to make our home comfortable and welcoming. This is because, all of these things are visible and we can react easily to them but what about the invisible dry air that is more risky to your health.  How much attention have you paid to it unless the needs arise before you do something about it?

Even though you have bought plenty of home décor to make your home comfortable but remember, with a damage health state, you cannot enjoy your well planned home. This is what dry air can cause because dry air is usually discomforting. It is the number one factor that is responsible for uncomfortable breathing, dehydrated skin, and sinuses problems and among others.

We will not bother looking at the effect of dry air on your home properties but addition of moisture is the way forward to getting rid of dry air and at the same time restoring humidity back to homes that lacks moisture. With a whole house humidifier installed in your home can help gets these ugly situations fixed while dispersing humidity across the entire home.

This humidifier type also referred to as whole home humidifier saves cost of buying two separate tabletop units that are inefficient to add moisture to larger spaces. Some whole house units can be connected to your HAVC system usually referred to as the furnace humidifiers.

However, there are also stand alone portable whole house humidifier which are referred to as console units. They are called console units because, they can humidifier large rooms and also have wheels for easy transporting but can humidify the entire space providing a comfortable air for good living.  It didn’t end there, as you need to know more, what type of whole house humidifier you need.

This takes us to,

The types of whole house humidifiers available on the market

1. Drum system:

If you are looking for do-it-yourself installation, this is the right unit to consider, they are easy to install. They appear in drum-like structure with pulley belt motor that draws water from its reservoir into the system, so when the HAVC blows air through the drum leads to evaporation of moisture into your home air which is distributed evenly in the house. They are the cheapest of all but required high maintenance. That is, you have to clean them more often in order to prevent the growth of molds in their water tank.

2. Flow through system:

They are not like the drum system that deliver mist by evaporation, this works by allowing water to drip through wick filter while your A/C or furnace blower pushes the air though the filters. They are also easy to maintain since they don’t allow for standing water compare to the drum types but little care still need to be adhered for proper running of the machine. However, flow through system requires you to connect them to your home water plumbing system.

3. Steam humidifiers:

These are advanced in terms of the mist they deliver. They are design in such a way that you have the option to select cool or warm mist as your need maybe. With this option equipped into this whole house humidifier type, you can control mist type you currently need at a particular time. However, they are very costly but deliver optimal performance and require low maintenance.

4. Ultrasonic humidifier:

Among the various types of humidifiers for whole house, they are the least common. They uses transducer in producing moisture, in the sense that water passes through the transducer as it moves causing water molecules to be excited thereby forming a droplets that later disintegrate into tinier molecules that is forced into the furnace system and is released all over your home. What you should know is that ultrasonic models are very expensive and requires higher maintenance as they tend to build up white dust that needs frequent cleaning.

5. The Console humidifier:

Most people consider this to be ideal for single room use but the reverse is the case. Some console units can be use for an entire house depending on the model you have. However, they are costly to afford and also high maintenance as you will need to refill tanks when necessary and clean when due.  In addition, console humidifiers offer ease of use as other types of humidifiers required installation before running them.

The most crucial aspect you must understand, is an essential part of the needs of having a humidifier running in your space now takes us down to,

The benefits of having a whole house humidifier   

 As you must have learn by now understanding that whole house humidifiers is able to release better moisture into your dry home air but there more benefits exclusively to know why you should have a whole house humidifier installed at home today:

  1. Reduced humidity makes you vulnerable to ill health like cold and flu symptoms, including lots of respiratory issues as low humidity favors the survival of virus that can cause these problems. Raising humidity level helps minimize these problems
  2. Dry air is sometimes responsible for people’s allergy and asthma symptom that is where running of humidifier at homes comes in to play.
  3. Humidity disappearance in the house will cause damages to your home by drying out the walls, furniture’s, wooden work and including art work.
  4. While you think of the effect low humidity only on your health, your home electronic can also be damaged by lack of humidity due to static ions that infiltrate the devices.
  5. Your energy bills tends to increase if you are experiencing dry air because people feel colder in the presence of low humidity which make them leave their heating system constantly running to raise indoor temperature thereby adding to cost of energy bills.
  6. In addition, to problems associated with dry indoor air includes, dry skin, dry mouth, sore throat, itchy skin, nose bleeding, and static feelings.

In conclusion of the benefits of whole house humidifier today is for you to purchase the best humidifier because it is worth having looking at all the problem you may face when dry air take over your home.

What whole house humidifier is best for you?

Haven’t discussed the various types of humidifiers, there are certain features that makes one differ from the other. Knowing these features will make you pick the best.

  • Humidity customization – Some units are equipped with digital humidistat which regulate humidity level themselves while others are done manually. Also check if there is a display screen where you can view your settings to ensure everything is working fine.
  • Maintenance – These are the general questions to ask yourself before you choose a unit:
  • Is it a filter or filterless humidifier? You will need to clean filters if you decide to buy units with filters and also replacing them often, this increases cost of maintaining this types but with filter-less humidifiers, no much cleaning and involves less cost of running them.
  • How often will you refill the tanks? Units with larger tanks require less filling compare those with smaller tanks. However, there are some whole house humidifiers that need not to be refill as they are connected to use water from your home water supplying system.
  • Coverage area limit – This is very important as many people pay less attention to this feature. They think since it’s a whole house unit, it can work efficiently in all space area.  This s not true, every unit comes with a specific number of square feet where it can work efficiently.  Before you make an order, ensure you know the exact number of square feet (sq. ft.) of you space so as to get the right result as you have to get a humidifier that is in line with your home coverage limit.  Some whole house humidifiers are designed with 3,600 sq. ft, followed by 2,400 sq. ft then 1,600 square feet and others.
  • Does the unit use filters or not because those with filters require regular cleaning and how often is filter replacement done? How often to refilling of water reservoir is done?

Top 7 Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews


1. AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console Humidifier

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console Humidifier review

This product from the AIRCARE brand is a portable type of whole house console humidifier designed for home area of 3,600 sq. feet humidification. It comes with a 3.6 liters water tank capacity which when fill can run for up to 24 hours delivery mist for the entire home.  With its digital humidistat, the unit automatically regulates indoor humidity levels so that your home doesn’t get to humid while moderating humidity level for maximum home comforts level.

The machine will go off when desired humidity is reached or water level, thanks to the automatic shut-off feature in this whole house console unit that does the work for you. The evaporative mist humidifier also comes with easy to clean wick filters that capture minerals deposits and other airborne substances.

As a console unit, it is equipped with caster wheels for you to transport the humidifier from one location to another with ease. The alarm indicator on this humidifier will alert you on the state of the filter and when to refill tank. In addition, it has 3 speed fan settings that you can choose from. For reduced noise level at night, switch to the low speed mode.

To operate this machine is not a task. The manual instruction guide will take you through the entire process. With a two year product and 30 days wicks and filters warranty, the AIRCARE MA1201 is a good offer for the moisture. For maximum maintenance, replace filters and clean the unit when necessary.

2. AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Humidifier for whole house

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Humidifier for whole house

Here is another rated unit on the market which is the AIRCARE EP9 800 Pedestal humidity machine.  The whole house humidification unit is a compact system designed to humidify homes measuring about 2,400 square feet providing moisture in dry home air. From its 3.5 gallon tank, you can boost indoor humidity level up to 60 hours of run time while its digital humidistat helps maintained accurate humidity needed in the coverage area.

When compare with the AIRCARE model MA1201, the 800 pedestal comes with plenty of variable fan speed controls up to 9 that you can choose from even though both featured an automatic shut-off feature for safety.  The refill and filter check indicator makes running and cleaning the machine easier.  Additional features includes wick filter, caster wheels, front water refill.

The Espresso is a known product among users, so here you will find consumers reports pertaining to the Espresso humidifier for solid decision making.

3. Honeywell HCM-6009 Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

Honeywell HCM-6009 Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

If you are looking for a whole house humidifier that offer ease of  use and cleaning, Honeywell cool moisture is one product to consider as it comes with wide top opening tank that can accommodate your hand. The wide tank opening also makes refilling easy as well, no hassle at all.

With a quiet-care technology, make this humidifier a great recommendation for those looking for a night sleep humidifier.  As a console unit, it comes with wheels which help in transporting it for multi-room use.

One unique feature of this product, it will reduce  the cost of your energy bills as it design to consume electricity less than your normal 80 watts bulb.

4. AIRCARE EA1407 Digital Whole-House

AIRCARE EA1407 Digital Whole-House

The EA1407 is another console unit from the Essick Air Company.  Since you will like to decide from a wide list of humidifiers, putting this EA1407 at least will give you a broad decision. However, the honey oak color unit is ideal for people leaving in homes of 4000 square feet.

Never consider this item if the space you want to humidify is lower than the specified range. This is because too much humidity promotes the growth of molds, mildew and virus in too humid environment.

With digital and read outs display you able to view whole lots of settings and changes in indoor humidity level. Digital humidistat is also available on this AirCare humidifier which automatically adjust humidity level to sooth your health.

When you make this products your choice, you will get to choose from different fan speed and also refill and water level indicator is on this humidifier that makes its operation easier and peace of mind.

5. Bionaire Ultrasonic Filter-Free Tower Humidifier

Bionaire Ultrasonic Filter-Free Tower Humidifier

For those in need of a filterless humidifier, here comes the Bionaire filter free humidifier which eliminate the cost of replacing filters like in the  case of most competitive models. Since it does not use filters, what does the unit use? It uses de-mineralization cartridge, this helps in killing health threaten allergens found in the water for safety air.

With tower space saving and lightweight design, you can mount this unit on your tabletop or any suspended flat surfaces that can hold it properly. This units has three speed settings starting from low, mild and high which enable you set the rate at which you moisture to be released into the air.

For you not to breathe contaminated air, this product tank is infuse with antimicrobial protection which prevents the growth of bacteria and molds that causes odors, and stains which can affects the performance of your machine.

Other features include 24 hours timer, digital humidistat and automatic shut-off functioning for free worry operation.

More details about this filter free tower humidifier and customer’s reviews is available on Amazon.

Let’s check out another top rated humidifier below!

6. Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

This is a whole room humidifier which can be mounted on a tabletop to create evaporative mist suitable for healthier. Living in a well humidified home is a necessity through this unit, because the Evapo40 uses its deep pitch blade to extract dry air from your space through it dual humidified filters and finally put its vortex action to work for even distribution of mist air all over your living space. This humidifier best work in home measuring 1,000 square feet and with its humidity settings you can adjust humidity level to suit you.

This products also comes with 3 speed fan for humidity control, you can select the speed you desire using the easy to use control panel.  With 4 gallon tank installed into this unit, you will enjoy nonstop humidity for up to 24 hours. This whole house is easy to refill, cleaned and maintained.

Also with a 5 year limited warranty back up is to lets you know that confident that this unit has performance. Down side of this machine, it uses filter which need to be change regularly following the manufacturing guide for replacement.  In addition, no automatic humidity control, so you have to set it yourself.

7. Bionaire Cool Mist Tower Humidifier

Bionaire Cool Mist Tower Humidifier

The full digital display unit comes in a classic and attractive design that’s stylishly blends into modern interior decoration. The tower unit means you can place it on your table whether at home or office which only occupy a little desk space. While the previous bionaire machine is filter-free unit, this BCM646C-NUM is built to use filters. This is where your preference sets in to know which among the two falls into your need. Purchasing this bionaire BCM646C-NUM will let you see how the machine is working according to your settings and also the present humidity level of your room will be display on the LCD screen for you to view.

This product features variable speed settings, dishwasher for easy cleaning and also runs more quietly on the lowest speed.  In addition, one year manufacturer warranty to enjoy on purchase of this unit.

One major drawback, washing of filters and also the extra cost of acquiring new filters for efficient working of the machine but this shouldn’t discourage you as it’s a general problem with humidifiers that uses filters.  If you think, this humidifier meets your specification, visit for purchase terms.

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